Kavin is calling his music Tamil Reggae.


He sings in that colloquial creole English-Tamil mix born of Chennai, the Indian city where Kavin was raised. And he likes his reggae super-experimental: with dashes of South Indian percussion and cinematic flair. 


Kavin performs in India with his live band based in Chennai, featuring Troydon Netto on guitar, Sid Kumar on keys, and Vinay Ramakrishnan on drums. Kavin is also the bassist of the Goa Sunsplash All-Stars, an Indian reggae band featuring Raghav Diggy Dang, Manavon Massar, and Vir Singh Brar. He performs dancehall/soundsystem sets with Bass Against Machine producers Abhi Malhotra and Rohith Abraham (as Kavin Against Machine). For the last decade he has played bass for NYC afrobeat band Kokolo, touring regularly across Europe and North America.


For his upcoming debut album, "18A" (named for a local Chennai bus route), Kavin chose to work with master sound designer Jake Fader and the multi-talented producer Ray Lugo. They decided to meld different Jamaican genres—roots, lovers rock, dancehall, dub—with Indian musical styles. The first single "Ganja Love" came out to raised eyebrows and rave reviews in 2016. 


Over the last decade, Kavin undertook a deep study of reggae music in Brazil and California before returning to his Indian roots. says he wants to bring Indian music to the global reggae community, to bring good vibrations to India, and to participate in a growing independent music scene in India that's fighting to carve out meaningful social and political spaces.


You can't straighten a crooked tree trunk. One way or other, this man is a rebel. Kavin wants to push the boundaries of expression of the mind, body, and soul. And he encourages you to do the same.


One love.

When I was just 18,

A youth on the scene,

Wondering where life goes...,


படிப்புக்காக, தகப்பனார் ஆசை

I reached the California shores...


உலகச் சுற்றி சுற்றிப் பார்த்து, just like காத்து,

நான் பறந்ததும்...


Yet the best lesson that this man learnt

Is that there's just no place like home


Back in my Chennai...

                                                        — "18A"

உன் அளவு தாண்டி கோடி கணக்கில் வாங்கி
நெடுஞ்செழிய பாண்டியன்-னு நினைப்போ?
உன்  Switzerland  வங்கி 8 கோடி பங்கா பிரித்து தமிழ்நாட்டுக்கு தருவோம்…

                                                 — "Rebel Music"

She's got the terrace on the seaside apartment

She's got the pink Infinity coupe

She's got the life that many girls dream of

And she's not gonna give it up for you

She's in control...
                                                   — "In Control"

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