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Welcome to the New Blog: Reggae for the People

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Yes my people. Its the i-fficial launch of a new collective for reggae artists, fans, thinkers, and music-lovers: Reggae For The People.

As the editor of the blog and as a reggae artist, educator, and ethnomusicologist from Chennai, India, can I say give thanks for being here. Join our collective and lets strengthen together.

The blog features oral histories with reggae artists + news of roots/conscious/dub/ dancehall music + reviews of singles/albums/videos. The focus is on Indian Reggae, Tamil Reggae, the Goa Sunsplash festival, Brazilian reggae, and of course the Jamaican scene.

Moving forward, I hope this can be the online hub for us to ground ourselves, to share artistic inspiration, and to spread Jah music around the world.

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